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12V Ripcord Current doubling Y cable
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Ripcord is designed to work with standard 5V USB ports delivering up to 2.4A in current, yielding approximately 12W of power at peak capacity, with 9W recommended for ongoing operation. Should you require higher current, the X2CC current doubler will enable you to attach 2 X 12V Ripcords into the unit with an output of up to 18W for ongoing operation. The X2CC ensures that the load provided for your device is shared evenly over both ports/Ripcord cables.

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Tech Spec

For Ripcord to perform at optimal levels, a suitable USB power source is required. 2.4A per port is required for maximum output.
It should also be ensured that both ports are able to provide an appropriate total current. (i.e. when on same circuit).

Package Includes

- 1 Ripcord Y cable


Recommended for use with Ripcord only.
Recommended for 12V use only.


1 year
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