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myVolts Hot Tip
Hot Tip Power Supply Tester
myVolts Hot Tip
Hot Tip: DC power supply tester with power passthrough and polarity indicator LED
Tip adapters
£0.99 each
Hot Tip's input is 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID: it fits 98% of PSU's for pedals, synths etc.

Want to test PSU's with other, less common tip sizes? Add the ones you need below.
2.35mm OD, 0.70mm ID
3.50mm OD, 1.30mm ID
4.00mm OD, 1.70mm ID
4.75mm OD, 1.70mm ID
5.50mm OD, 2.50mm ID
Total £6.990000
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Power Supply Tester
Hot Tip is a power supply tester - it lights up when you connect a working power supply to it.

Uh-oh. Something's not coming on - but is the plug or the device that's dodgy? It's easy to test a plug with the Hot Tip. Just plug the power supply into the wall, then connect it to the Hot Tip - the LED illuminates if there's power, so you'll know if your plug is good or bad.

The female end of Hot Tip accepts a standard 5.5mm outer diameter / 2.1mm inner diameter barrel tip - it's the commonest size, usedon 98% of effects pedals, synths etc.

If you want to test a power adaptor with a different size output, just add the sizes you want to your cart, and we'll send you the parts to fit.

Not sure what size tip you need? Ask us and we'll advise - myVolts has 12 years in the power game and there's nothing we don't know about power.

Power Passthrough
Hot Tip doesn't get in the way of the power - you can power a device through it.

You can power a device without removing the Hot Tip from the PSU tip end - the LED draws almost no power, so you can go ahead and plug the tip end of Hot Tip into your device. That's handy for dark environments, like on a stage - or anytime you want to know and be sure there's power available. (The only works for gear that Hot Tip fits into, 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm inner diameter - so if you're not sure, ask us).

Polarity Indicator LED
Hot Tip illuminates BLUE for centre positive polarity, and RED for centre negative polarity.

Power supplies got mixed up, now you're not sure what polarity which PSU is? Hot Tip contains a bi-colour LED, and lights up BLUE when the connected PSU is polarity centre positive (BLUE C +) and RED when the connected PSU is polarity centre negative (RED C -). It's written on the Hot Tip too, so you don't need to remember it.

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