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Ld Systems Mei 100 G2
Rolls PM351
Boss ME70

I would like a power supply unit that can power all of these from 1 please.

1 Answer

Hi there -

Your devices have a mix of voltages:

These take 12V and centre positive: AKG WMS70 and Ld Systems Mei 100 G2

These take 9V and centre negative: Rolls PM351 and Boss ME70

So you'll need 2 x PSU's - let me know if that's OK and I'll recommend.

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answered Apr 15 by caroline (33,460 points)
commented Apr 17 by Alex
Is there no way of having a single power unit like this:

Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply 10 Isolated DC Output for 9V/12V/18V Effect Pedals https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0778GPWMR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0pjTCbEQBJJKW

Im not sure exactly if something like that would work?


commented Apr 17 by caroline (33,460 points)
Are you looking to power from mains power, or from a power bank, using Ripcord?
commented Apr 17 by Alex
Mains power.
asked Apr 17 in Power Supply & Chargers by Alex
closed Apr 18 by caroline
OK, so what is it that I would need?
commented Apr 18 by caroline (33,460 points)
OK! We don't have a solution all in one, it'll just be 2 plugs - a 12V and a 9V, and daisy chains for both. In your case, Alex, the Donner might be a better solution.