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Hi. I am looking into buying your 5-way power splitter for my three Korg Volcas: http://myvolts.co.uk/product/18809/5-way_power_splitter_cable_for_Korg_Volca_by_MyVolts_(5-way_splitter_only) . I know a lot about music, but next to nothing about power adaptors, so I have to ask to be sure about this: Will I be able to use the splitter together with this power bank from Harley Benton? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_powerplant_junior.htm - or will I need some kind of adaptor between the two? Thank you.

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The Harley power plant has 5 ports that have a max output amperage of 120mA, unfortunately the ports will not deliver enough power 1 Volca.

Each Volca draws 150mA under load, so you need a power supply that will deliver at least 450mA in order to power three Volca's using the splitter cable. Have a look a the Volca splitter listing on our site, you can add a suitable power supply there.



answered Jan 3, 2018 by Scott (55,980 points)