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I bought Portable powerpack 200 today, read the instruction to charge it, I followed the instruction when I put it on charge the green lights around the roter lit up for 10,15 minutes and after lights gone off than after I am not seeing any action at all i.e. Lights indicators it's been 9 hours so far I don't know whether it's been charging ????

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Can you see a green LED on the power power supply, this will indicate that the power supply is receiving power?

Could you let me know how long it has been since the Power Pack 200 was last charged?

According to the manual, the Ni-Cad power pack needs to be charged every 3 months in order to prevent damage to the battery cells. Do let me now and rest assured we will help out.


answered May 3, 2017 by Scott (25,700 points)
asked Oct 29, 2017 in Power Supply & Chargers by Rob Almost the same question