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Korg Volca 5-way power splitter cable Roland Boutique 5-way power splitter cable
5-way power splitter cable for Korg Volca by MyVolts (5-way splitter only) - black
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Power up to 5 Korg Volcas from one 9V power adaptor!


Compatible with the Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Volca Keys, Volca Sample, Volca FM and the new Volca Kick.

Option '5-way splitter PLUS PSU' includes MyVolts 9V power supply adaptor, suitable for powering up to 5 Volcas from a mains socket (choose from UK, EU or US plugs).

Option '5-way splitter PLUS USB' includes MyVolts 5V USB to 9V power converter cable, for powering up to 5 Volcas from any USB port - like the USB port in a laptop, a phone charger, or an inexpensive USB power bank!


Option '5-way splitter only' includes only the 5-way splitter, you'll need to supply your own 9V centre positive power adaptor, with 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter tip.

  • Main cable is 1 metre in length
  • Cable splits into 5 male plug connectors to fit the Volca, and each one is 0.7m in length
  • MyVolts-branded band keeps the cables tight
  • Female connector fits a 5.5mm OD and 2.1mm ID tip - it needs a power adaptor with 9V centre positive polarity.
  • Choose from 5 options:
    • 5-way splitter + USB. Includes 5V to 9V USB converter cable, for powering up to 5 Volcas from any USB port - like the USB port in a laptop, iPhone charger, or an inexpensive USB power bank. Works anywhere in the world!
    • 5-way splitter only
    • 5-way splitter + 9V UK wall power adaptor
    • 5-way splitter + 9V US wall power adaptor
    • 5-way splitter + 9V EU wall power adaptor
Read more about it here!

Want Help?

I recently wrote an article about powering a Korg Volca from the mains – but here at MyVolts, we've got exciting news: we've developed and manufactured a unique new cable that lets you power a Korg Volca from any USB port!

It works with the Volca Beats, Volca Keys, Volca Sample and Volca Bass.

More choices

That means you can power the Volca from a laptop, desktop, USB hub, iPhone charger, a port on a USB hub, a USB battery – or any other place you have a USB type A port.

All USB ports have both power and data – so you can even use the USB port of, say, a MIDI controller to power your Volca.

More flexibility

No matter where in the world you bought your Volca, or where in the world you're using it to create sounds, you can power it without worrying about plugging it into a wall socket. USB is the same worldwide, so you can just connect it to a USB port and away you go!

Fewer bulky plugs

Mains plugs take up loads of room, and who knows if you can use the same plug for multiple devices, when the specification information is so impenetrable? Well, we're working on a solution for that at MyVolts, but for now, you can slim down what you carry – our USB cables are tiny, so much smaller than a mains plug.

More efficiency

It takes the 5V DC from a USB port, and turns it into the 9V the Volca needs to run. The Volca draws exactly the amps it needs to work, and there's no loss of performance at all.

It's Energy Star level 5 approved, and CE and RoHS certified.

Do you have a question?
22 question(s) | 22 answer(s)

Sure thing, thanks for checking.

by Scott on 2018-06-25

Here is a link to a power supply which will fit all six models of Volca:


by Scott on 2018-06-08

Ah - it won't. BUT if you drop me a mail after you buy I'll send you a little tip adaptor so it will. Drop me a line, caroline AT myvolts DOT co DOT uk

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by caroline on 2018-05-03
1 answer(s)

Here is a link to a power supply that suits all six models of Korg Volca. Let me know if you have any questions.


by Scott on 2018-05-03

The Harley power plant has 5 ports that have a max output amperage of 120mA, unfortunately the ports will not deliver enough power 1 Volca.

Each Volca draws 150mA under load, so you need a power supply that will deliver at least 450mA in order to power three Volca's using the splitter cable. Have a look a the Volca splitter listing on our site, you can add a suitable power supply there.



by Scott on 2018-01-03

Yes it is, here is a link tot he product page where you can add the UK plug to power the cable:



by Scott on 2017-12-05
Does the chord cpp1 power bank have an output for centre positive polarity? If so, then yes - the splitter will work great with that output.

If it doesn't - let me know when you buy the splitter, I'll send along a polarity reversing cable to go with it.
by caroline on 2017-07-25

We are finalising the last few details for the Ripcord and we will be starting the production run very soon. I am sorry about the delay, we are trying to make the best possible product and it will be worth the wait.

We publish the project updates here:


Thanks for your support and patience.


by Scott on 2017-06-19

No, ours is a different size to the Korg one. You're best off buying ours: http://myvolts.co.uk/product/18810/5-way_power_splitter_cable_for_Korg_Volca_by_MyVolts_(5-way_splitter_+_PSU)

by caroline on 2017-03-27
Hi there - You need our 5V to 9V USB converter cable, which isn't in stock right now (March 2017) but will be in a few weeks, relaunched as Ripcord.

You'll also need the Korg Volca splitter cable.

You can preorder both here: http://myvolts.com/Ripcord_Pledge_Calculator
by caroline on 2017-03-08
Thanks for the ticket ID, I will respond through that ticket and keep the info in the one place. Rest assured I will sort it.


by Scott on 2017-02-27
The power adaptor for the TC Electronic T2 Reverb is the right size, and voltage, and amperage but it *isn't the right polarity* - the Korg Volcas need a 9V power supply with centre positive polarity, not centre negative.

You can get the splitter + the right plug here: http://myvolts.co.uk/product/18810/5-way_power_splitter_cable_for_Korg_Volca_by_MyVolts_(5-way_splitter_+_PSU)
by caroline on 2017-02-08
Buy this: http://myvolts.co.uk/product/18809/5-way_power_splitter_cable_for_Korg_Volca_by_MyVolts_(5-way_splitter_only) then drop me a mail with your order number and I'll sort you out with a part, caroline AT myvolts DOT co DOT uk
by caroline on 2016-10-13
The Korg 5-way splitter has a 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter tip, so that's not the same as the Korg KA-350. But if you email scott AT myvolts DOT co DOT uk he'll send an adaptor with your order to make it fit.
by caroline on 2016-12-05

I just checked the back end of the website and it the PayPal gateway is operational. Could I ask you to email me at scott@myvolts.com and let me know step by step the payment process you used and at what point the payment process failed. I can then check it out and get back to you.

by Scott on 2016-11-25
It has the right-sized connectors for the Korg Volca, there's a little bit of tolerance there and they fit perfectly.
by caroline on 2016-11-07
The Monotribe *should* work with the splitter, but I know the current draw is higher than with the Volcas, which use only 150mA each.

But try it, let me know! Any probs, I'll refund you.
by caroline on 2016-10-05

Yes, you can pay over the phone by calling our sales Hotline and making payment by credit card. Or you can now pay by PayPal using a credit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account.


by anonymous on 2016-09-07
1 answer(s)
Hi - what Alesis device do you need to power?

Let me know, I'll see if we have the right part!
by caroline on 2016-08-29
It will, very shortly! Like, a couple of weeks if all goes well. It has a slight redesign too - right-angled tips rather than straight tips.
by caroline on 2016-08-15

You can disconnect the tip and add the 5-way splitter cable to the end of your USB power cable - nice and simple :)


by Scott on 2016-07-04