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August 17, 2017 by

New white myVolts 5-way power splitter for Korg Volca

After the warm reception our sunny yellow Roland Boutique 5-way power cable got in the spring, we thought the Korg Volca 5-way splitter cable was overdue a smartening up.

So we talked to Luke Edwards and Adam Whittle from Korg when they were here on a visit to our Dublin office, asked them what they reckoned for a new colourway for the Volca power splitter. They said “What about white? It goes with everything!” – we said “Yes!” and, moments (well, a few weeks) later, here it is, in stock and ready to buy!
Read on for more, and a discount code!

Last month, when lads from Korg popped over to have a brew, chat about all things Korg, and record a segment with me for their microKast podcast episode 13, we proudly presented Luke the first one we received from the manufacturer, and he was chuffed. We hope you like it too.

You can buy it on its own, or bundled with a UK, US, or EU power supply – and we ship worldwide!

PLUS use discount code CSKVW at checkout to get 2 GBP off your order! You must have a Korg Volca splitter cable in your cart to use this code, and it’s good till the end of August 2017.

Got a power problem ? Get in touch – caroline AT myvolts DOT com or talk to me on Twitter – https://twitter.com/carolinezoids

Caroline is a leading authority on power supply adaptors. Although there's not a lot of competition, admittedly. She's been at MyVolts for more than 10 years, is Director of Operations, and works in the Dublin office.

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