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The rest is noise: Ground loop isolators now available from myVolts

Once in a while, I talk to a user who is experiencing hum or buzz with their music gear – especially if they’re powering more than 3 or 4 pieces of gear from one power supply. Now, we all know nothing is 100% silent, a teeny tiny bit of noise is expected, but, as anyone who makes music knows, there’s a level at which noise moves from the OK to the unacceptable.
The good news is I’ve found a handy, cheap, solution for this, in the form of a Ground Loop Isolator.

Read on to find out more, and get a discount code for the myVolts shop!

Some scenarios where you get ground loop hum: externally-powered laptop speakers plugged into the headphone jack on a laptop; an externally-powered sound card connected to a desktop computer, more than one Korg Volca, powered with the myVolts splitter cable, connected to an externally-powered mixer. There are plenty more.

I’ve talked to a lot of users about this, and found that the problem is usually caused by something in their environment: fluorescent overhead lights, lighting control and dimmers, and other appliances that share the same circuit or common ground with your music gear can often be the culprits – and there’s not too much to be done about these environmental issues. Happily, the ground loop isolator filters the signal, eliminates the ground loop, so gets rid of the hum – offering a cheap, simple fix for this maddening problem that works pretty much all of the time.

You’ll need one for each piece of gear that’s experiencing the hum. And if, for some reason, you try them, and they don’t sort you out, just return them for a no-quibble refund, no worries.

Ground loop isolator

Ground loop isolator

This nice article by Audioholics gives the full lowdown on the hows and whys of ground loops, if you want to know more http://www.audioholics.com/home-theater-connection/ground-loops-eliminating-system-hum-and-buzz

PLUS use discount offer code CSGLI at checkout to get 2 GBP off every ground loop isolator you buy! You must have at least one ground loop isolator in your cart to use the code.

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Caroline is a leading authority on power supply adaptors. Although there's not a lot of competition, admittedly. She's been at MyVolts for more than 10 years, is Director of Operations, and works in the Dublin office.

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