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myVolts Boutique 5-way power splitter cable
March 16, 2017 by

New myVolts splitter cable – power up to 5 Roland Boutiques with just one cable

By the very fact you’re reading this I assume you a) like making music and b) do not like worrying about how to power the things you use to make music.

That’s OK – myVolts is here to do that for you. Latest power problem we’ve solved? Powering a load of Roland Boutiques – we’ve made a cable to power 5 of them off one USB plug.

Read on for more info, plus a voucher code for 3 quid off!

myVolts Xmas 2016
November 30, 2016 by

Power up your pressies

Just a quick reminder that if you’re buying synths, guitar pedals, mini amps, retro consoles or any other fun gear that needs power for Christmas, you’re probably gonna need some power supplies.

If you’re buying online, on Amazon or eBay, double-check the product page or listing to see what’s included with the package, see if you’ll need to get a power adaptor separately. For example, lots of the best-selling Yamaha kids keyboards don’t come with one. That’ll cause tears on Christmas morning, not just for the kids, so be prepared.

Ripcord fully funded
June 7, 2016 by

Ripcord fully funded on Kickstarter!

So, the toughest 6 weeks of my working life has come to a close, and Ripcord, the plug ‘n play anywhere USB power cable for musicians, is fully funded on Kickstarter.
We’ll be going into production ASAP – and shipping in August 2016.
Thanks so much to everyone who supported, especially Sonic State, Synthtopia, Create Digital Music, eMusician, Music Radar, Attack Mag and Matrix Synth.
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Ripcord live on kickstarter
May 6, 2016 by

⚡ ⚡ Rip it up and start again – Ripcord is live on Kickstarter now ⚡ ⚡

Hey there – Just to let you know our latest power solution for mobile creatives – RIPCORD – is on Kickstarter right now!
It’s the plug ‘n play anywhere USB power cable – you can power loads of gear from any old USB port.

We’ve been selling the small batch version for a couple years now, and thousands of musicians have tried it out.
Danny Davies – engineering, pre-production on New Order’s “Music Complete LP” said:

I used the USB converter with my MacBook Pro; tried it with a Boss MZ-2/Boss TU-3/MXR Badass ’78 Distortion. All worked flawlessly with the Mac’s PSU in or out, out – there didn’t seem to be any significant battery drain.

It’s going good – in the first three hours we’ve raised nearly 1000 EUR, or 4% of our goal.

Please share it round! And if you’ve any questions, comment below, or hit us up on social media!

myvolts power
April 28, 2016 by

Power your gear any time, any place, anywhere

Here at myVolts HQ, we finally have everything in place for the new power product for musicians and other mobile creatives we’ve been developing for *ages*.
It’s cheap, portable, flexible, provides power to multiple devices, is rechargeable, and works everywhere in the world.
And it’ll be live on Kickstarter next week!

If you want to be kept in the loop on the project, please comment below, or hit me up on Twitter!