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myVolts power bank - low current draw
August 20, 2019 by

Using myVolts Ripcord to power devices with very low current draw, from a USB power bank

Ripcord‘s great for powering all kinds of devices from cheap USB power banks, as it gives clean, noise-free, hassle-free portable power.
However – you may find if you’re powering a device that draws very little current from a USB power bank, total current drawn in the region of less than 50mA, the device might shut down. This can happen with some guitar pedals and tuners, as they demand so little amperage, sometimes just a few milliamps.
This is a power bank problem, rather than a Ripcord problem – but we have a couple of solutions for you, so read on…

February 27, 2018 by

Powering and charging Black & Decker drills

Black and Decker (or Black & Decker, or even Black + Decker) has been around since 1910, making power tools, garden tools, and other bits for the DIY enthusiast. I’m not much for DIY, I prefer PSTDIFY – Pay Someone To Do It For You – but I know most everything there is to know about charging B ‘n’ D gear.
So if you’ve lost your drill charger and are confused about what power adaptor you need to get, read on!

White Korg Volca Splitter cable myVolts
August 17, 2017 by

New white myVolts 5-way power splitter for Korg Volca

After the warm reception our sunny yellow Roland Boutique 5-way power cable got in the spring, we thought the Korg Volca 5-way splitter cable was overdue a smartening up.

So we talked to Luke Edwards and Adam Whittle from Korg when they were here on a visit to our Dublin office, asked them what they reckoned for a new colourway for the Volca power splitter. They said “What about white? It goes with everything!” – we said “Yes!” and, moments (well, a few weeks) later, here it is, in stock and ready to buy!
Read on for more, and a discount code!