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Shure myVolts
October 28, 2016 by

You sure about powering your Shure Wireless System?

A wireless mic system – well, it has to be good, doesn’t it? If there’s interference or or drop outs – it just won’t cut it.
Shure makes some of the most reliable wireless mic systems, and they know their gear; they’ve been around since 1925, when Sidney N. Shure founded The Shure Radio Company in downtown Chicago, Illinois. In 1953 they unveiled the “Vagabond” – the first wireless microphone system for performers, it made you “foot loose and fancy free”, although Frank Sinatra allegedly threw one against a wall, he became so enraged by the poor range of it. Shure improved its offering and is still going strong close to 100 years on, innovating and making great gear to this day.

But what do you need to power your Shure wireless mic receiver when the power adaptor takes a long walk? I get asked about this a lot so I thought I’d clear it up right now.