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August 26, 2016 by

Powering the Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor

I’ve liked Trace-Elliot ever since I read “david uses and endorses alembic basses and trace-elliot amplifiers” on the sleeve of Chicago noise-rock trio Big Black’s “Songs about *!?*king” LP in 1989. I didn’t really know what any of that meant, but I was 13, impressionable and a big Big Black fan, so it stuck with me.

Trace-Elliot gear has a chunky, practical, “power tool” design aesthetic – it looks like it’d be more at home on a building site than in a recording studio. Made to be hard-wearing and user-serviceable (by the knowledgeable user) Trace-Elliot doesn’t seem to care if its gear looks cool – and using the Rule of Cool that makes it ten times cooler, of course.