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Korg Volca 5 way Splitter by MyVolts
February 16, 2016 by

MyVolts Korg Volca splitter cable – power up to 5 Volcas with just one cable

Selling power supplies is a funny old game. For me, the self-appointed power supply expert and populater of our device finder database, I need to learn some pretty intimate details about each and every device that’s out there. I spend time speed-reading user manuals, scanning forums for nuggets of wisdom, searching for high-res images of power input jacks and zooming in till it blurs.
If I ask you for a photo of the hole on the rear of your device, that’s just my way of showing I care.

I can know everything about the power specification of a device without having seen, or held or used it, ever, but that a device can lend voice to creativity, be a conduit for artistic expression or just make some really great noises is something I occasionally need to remind myself of.

The Korg Volca series came to my attention when customers started asking me if we carried power supplies for them – the best starting point for the hunt.