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orange 18v USB power header
November 10, 2015 by

Power the Orange CR6S amp from any USB port!

The Orange CR6S Micro CRUSH PiX amp is neat mini guitar amp. It’s only 6 inches high but it packs a decent 6-watt punch.
And weighing in at less than 2kg, you really can just chuck it in your bag and go electric, wherever you find yourself.

It takes two 9V PP3 batteries, but the little monster eats through ’em at an alarming rate.
Of course, you can power it with a mains power adaptor, but that’ll only tie you down, man.

So we’ve got the perfect solution – a cable you can use to power the Crush from any USB port!
Like the side of a laptop, a cheap USB battery, a USB port on a hard drive, a USB hub – the possibilities are limitless.

Read on to find out how!