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July 7, 2015 by

Powering the Cambridge Audio azur 540P/640P

Cambridge Audio makes quality hi-fi (is it still called hi-fi? I’m showing my age here) gear that lasts and lasts. I’ve a Cambridge Audio amp that’s at least 15 years old – I use it every day, and and it’s still going strong, never even needing a repair in all that time.

So unsurprisingly, people ask me about parts for Cambridge Audio gear – after all, if something lasts so long, it’s not uncommon for the power adaptor to get lost, or fail, over the lifetime of the well-built device.

Here’s a couple I’m often asked about – the Cambridge Audio Azur models 540P and 640P – phono pre-amps made for those who want to get the best from their vinyl.

They take the same kind of power adaptor – but it isn’t a standard 12V DC part that’s needed. Read on to find out more.