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lost xmas decorations power
December 12, 2014 by

Lost the power supply to your powered Christmas decorations? We can help!

You know how it goes; January 6th – another magical holiday season draws to a close. You take down all the Christmas decorations, wrap and box them carefully, and stow them away, ready for next year.

Or else you bung them in a plastic bag in one big tinsel-y lump.

Either way, come festive season, it often happens something important gets lost or broken between last year and this – and that something is often a power supply.
So if you’re got a fibre optic tree, or a mechanized waving Santa, or string of fairy lights that you can’t power – get in touch with MyVolts and we’ll help you find the right power supply!

Email me at caroline AT myvolts DOT co DOT uk. Tell me all the details you can, send me a photo of the power input hole on your device, and the photo of the label on the broken power supply if you have it, and and I’ll help.