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Zcharge bedside charger
October 21, 2014 by

Take charge in the bedroom with Z-Charge

The team here at Digidave and MyVolts has spent a lot of time talking to our customers, finding out about the problems we all encounter every day charging phones, tablets and other devices.
The rest of the time we spent finding good solutions to these problems and developing brand new power products through our MyVolts brand, to make life easier.

Here’s our brand new product – ZCharge! Check it out on Kickstarter right now, and please pledge early if you like it!

MyVolts USB cable Roku
October 7, 2014 by

Powering the Roku 3 from a USB port

It seems I’m always running out of plug sockets – especially in my living room, at the TV. It’s the same story in most homes; this one part of the room is oversubscribed, power-wise. In that one corner I’ve got a TV, record player, a CD player, amplifier, two media players and a lamp.

TV Roku 3 stereo Netgear

Entertainment corner

So it’s very satisfying when I find a way *not* to plug something into the wall, but to power it another way –
and we’ve made a cable that lets me power my Roku 3 media player from any old USB port.