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Lacie PSU header
September 23, 2014 by

Getting a replacement power adaptor for a LaCie drive

LaCie are a long-established and reputable manufacturer of premium storage solutions.
Their drives are beloved of graphic designers, photographers and others who need reliable storage, and are happy to shell out bug bucks for something designed by Porsche or Starck that’ll look good on a desk.
LaCie drives are also built like tanks and typically last years and years.
This means the power adaptor often breaks long before the drive or enclosure fails. But how do you know which PSU to buy for your older drive that’s still got important source files on it? It can be hard to find out, especially for a drive, say, 8 years old – there’s no way you’ll still have the box or manual. But there is a foolproof way: read on and I’ll tell you just how to find the right power cord.

USB B header
September 9, 2014 by

Know your connectors – USB ‘B’

This is another part in an occasional series about different types of connectors and inputs.

USB ‘B’ is probably familiar to most as the data cable port on the back of a printers. Watch out if you’re getting a new wired printer, as some printer manufacturers deliberately leave out the cable to keep the cost of the printer down, charging the earth for this simple cable separately, but that’s a rant for another day, really!
It’s used on lots of other devices too – external hard drives, scanners, and music gear like MIDI controller keyboards often use USB B.