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December 17, 2013 by

#MyVoltsMusic13 – we have a winner

Thanks so much to everyone who entered our #MyVoltsMusic13 competition. We take the guesswork out of powering gear, so you can get on with making music!
A Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 is on its way to Andy from The Midnight Gig – here’s a link to a brilliant track, Skyline:

We’ll send everyone who shared a tune their fiver vouchers for later today or tomorrow via email.
Thanks again!

December 16, 2013 by

#MyVoltsMusic13 – even more music!

Thanks so much for sharing your music – I’ve loved listening, and really enjoyed the diversity! Piano improvs, filthy grime, trad irish and ambient minimalism – I’ve heard it all over the last few days.
Power supplies aren’t exactly glamorous, but it’s so great to hear what we help creative people create.

We’ll announce the winner of our #MyVoltsMusic13 competition tomorrow, and of course send everyone who shared a tune their fiver vouchers for


Here are some more great songs:

The #1s – Sharon Shouldn’t
Colby Rivers Blues band @ The Crispin Sandwich – “I purchased an 18v. PSU replacement. Its made a hell of a difference to my Fulltone … no more fading batteries and much improved sound. You can here this on the session (lead guitar)”
Marland – Mystic Egg
Reeef – trpn – using the Korg Volca Bass replacement PSU!
Sam Thomas – ‘Blue Cologne’ (live) – Our PSUs are powering the pedals!
Practical Lovers – Put it Bluntly – They used our power supply to get one of their keyboards going again – joy!
Thomas Ford – The Things I Used To Do
Witchers – Throw your Books into the Fire
Jeff Jinx – Curious and Crazed – “Great ‘Supply’ – couldn’t do it without you”!
I Am a Car – Seven /​/​/ Zoo
Old Soane – Fix Yourself To Me
Dark Karma Soul – Pressure
DJ MDS – We love Monday show – 2nd Dec 2013
The Bleed – Tap The Vein
Stephen Wheel – Celebrity Blues
Leo Louis – End Of The Line
Clive Handy – The Windmill Song
Grzegorz Dziewulski – Mazurka Heartbeat – Elektrogorzalecka
Nupertune – Opener – “Thanks for the X-Station PSU – here’s my tunes :)”
Superbeat- Silent
Paul Bowen – London Irish
Warfydave – It’s Over – with help from the Line 6 POD!
BlackThorn Buck – If She Were You
Darren Bewsher – Aftershock LIVE Pride 2013
SPC ECO – Delusional Waste (Single Mix)
DJ Pricey – Grime mix
Trieskalion – Shetland Waltzes
Jono – Stuck in the City
Rod Graham – A Word Called Hope
MC Dopeski Feat. Nubanese – The Ghetto (Crackney) – “Extra big shout out to myvolts and co 4 keeping it so real”!
Khoan1 – Brand new songs
vi_vi_vimto – ring mAd
Grofus – Marimba Loops
Nidal Al-Juzi – Mixes

December 13, 2013 by

#MyVoltsMusic13 – more of your music!


You’ve got till the end of today day to share a #MyVoltsMusic13 track. We’re having the MyVolts Xmas party later, so we’ll be listening to get us in a party mood!

We’ll give everyone who shares a link to their music a £5 voucher for the shop PLUS a chance to win a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2, just in time for Christmas!

Here are some more great tracks:

Nicolas Lorenzini – Simon War remix – I never Been in China
James Marett (Jammer) – Old Skool House Classics – Oldskool anyone?
Benny Tetteh-Lartey – You Can’t Hide – Hear how good the Fishman Aura Spectrum sounds!
The Midnight Gig – Skyline
Leo Field – November 13 Piano improv
bogilX – gloopyPants
Longwave Radio – Druck Farben
MarkS – Something About The Girl – Courtesy of the Saunders brothers!
BinaryFunction – Belch – Our PSU helped Paul to get back into making music, something that he’s very passionate about
moodymanc – war and peace – Danny’s been using his Tascam DR40 (with our PSU!) to record various bits of organic percussion and to grab bits of ambient noise and interesting sounds as he travels around
Kill Murray – Microscopic Feel EP – Our PSU was used on the Korg Microkorg XL!
ambeson – Oblique – Our PSUs were used to power the synthesizers and other gear!
Mudstompin Munkee – Mud Rising – Filth meets Old Skool
Diaz – Small Talk
J.C. Grimshaw – Song Compilation – a blend of calypso, blues, jazz, folk, and world music (using our Boss AD-5 PSU)!
5past40 – The Power of Love – The Korg keyboards are powered by our replacement PSUs!
CYFERDYNE – Dark Forever – Access Virus synths powered by our replacement PSUs! 🙂

December 11, 2013 by

#MyVoltsMusic13 – your music!

Thanks so everyone so far who has sent in a #MyVoltsMusic13 track – I was blown away by the responses!
I’m listening to every one, but it’s taking a while because a) are lots of them and b) they’re all so good!
Please keep sending them in – you’ve got til Friday 13 Dec. We’ll give everyone who shares a link to their music a £5 voucher for the shop PLUS a chance to win a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2, just in time for Christmas!

Here are just a few to get you going:

Little Imp – The Stand – One of our PSUs was used to help create the organ sound!
Oort – Jackals
The Conspirators – Who’s got the money
Electric Swing Circus – Valentine – they’ve bought a number of power supplies this year as they seem to grow legs whilst on tour! That’s good business for us 🙂
GrovesUK – Paperback
Soupson – If I Was God – recorded at Nashville Studios, USA!
Suzy Condrad – Shotgun Queen – Suzy was Boss’s UK Looping Championship in 2011!
Fatterfaction – Fillets
Joe White – Launch Pad – featuring a Korg KP-1 Kaoss Pad, powered by our PSU!

December 6, 2013 by

We want to hear your music – and we’ll give you a fiver for it!

We love music, and we want to hear the fantastic sounds our PSUs help our customers create.
We’ll give everyone who shares a link to their music a £5 voucher for the shop PLUS a chance to win a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2, just in time for Christmas!


Send us a link to your tunes, wherever they are – YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Grooveshark – or even stick a tape in the post!

Everybody who sends us a link to their music by 13/12/13 will get a voucher for £5 off (limited to one per artist) AND we’ll pick one winner to get a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2.
We’ll post all submissions on our Shameless Plug blog.

Share your music with us in one of three ways:

Twitter @MyVoltsTweets with hashtag #MyVoltsMusic13
Facebook MyVoltsUK on Facebook
Comment below this blog post with your link. Remember to include your email address!